V I N T A G E   S L A T E   I N F O
Each piece of slate is very unique & special. The slate I use has been reclaimed from
Historical buildings and barns throughout the heartland and was used as Architectual
Shingles . Every piece that leaves my studio has a history of its own, and a journey that it
has taken. Once I receive it, I sculpt it and mold it into a new form for someone who now will
use it to enhance their life and create a new history with their family.
The slate used on your plaque is Reclaimed from Historical  Buildings and Barns built in Ohio from the
early 1800's & 1900's. It was once used as Architectual shingles. It has been removed, because the
slate usually outlives the structure. For more information on
HISTORY, Click Here.
S L A T E   C O L O R I NG
The slate I used has varying shades of greys to browns, Greys, green and
Black. Each slate is different and unique.
Give a "Gift to Remember" with
Historical Reclaimed Slate.
S L A T E    H I S T O R Y
Slate is a very durable rock formed in the earth over 400 millions ago. It is made up of
layers rock that overlap each other making it extremely strong. It has a very low
absorption rate to water, which makes it great for outdoor conditions. Slate has been
used in the roofing industry for hundreds of years. Even with its thin properties ( 1/4" to
3/8" ), it very durable and strong which is why it's used in many industrial applications,
such as : roofing, pool tables and blackboards.
It's water resistant properties make it a great product for  outdoor decor.
Slate gives you
durability & look of thick stone without being to hefty and unable to
easy be hung or mounted. Very user-friendly.
S L A T E   T O O L S
Name & Address
Each unique plaque is individually Handcrafted for you at T. Michael Studios
from semi-weathering brown/Grey Pennsylvania slate. Rustic,
Using Tools & Techniques developed from the 1800's - 1900's.
Slate Mason Craftsmanship steeped in Tradition & History.